Cold fusion: what is and how it works

Cold fusion is also known as LENR (or low-energy nuclear reactions). It is a kind of nuclear reaction that consists of a temperature that is low. It was discovered by a few scientists. Since then it has been difficult to replicate by others. It became well-known when they discovered that it produces high levels of heat which was reported in 1989. It became even more known when the public found out that this discovery can deliver numerous amounts of energy that will also be cost effective.

Many have tried to see if they can reproduce this scientific discovery, but continuously failed to do so. So by the end of 1989 many scientists decided to abandon the research officially. In 2004, they decided to reopen the experiment that found something close to the first attempt.

The e-cat which is described exactly like the main subject can be used for homes and buildings as an air conditioner or a heating device. This particular device is invented by Andrea Rossi which was informed on a public radio show during the end of last year. He is planning to make it affordable so everyone will be able to use it.

Two scientists managed to find success in discovering the formula of cold fusion while many others failed to do so. They left a mystery of how it works just by using Hydrogen and Nickel which consist of below 1000k temperature. The Nickel Hydrogen fusion includes energy and copper isotope to make it work. This is basically how cold fusion works with this kind of process.

According to Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, they have already found the formula to create cold fusion as far as they are concern. This would not have been possible if it were not for their hard work and dedication. They both put all their time and effort in finding what they need to make it happen. This is how cold fusion was discovered and recreated starting from 1989 through present time. This will definitely make a difference when it comes to using energy and how it will limit costs as well.